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My name is Thom Knepper 18 years old and I live in Rhoon The Netherlands. This website I already have for quite a while and has moastly done service for me so I can practice writing code. Now I also have this website for my personal little tech company. This I've started a little while ago after I started helping people with there computer, tablet or phone where they had trouble with. This I did for a small compensation. This I've pushed a little further and now I'm mainly building website's for businesses/startups and personal use. Coast you can find under menu item 'contact'.


On this website you can also find information about Honor devices. At the moment I'm an Honor Ambassador what means that I know all the in's and out's from as good as all Honor devices. Therefor I also test new software which sometimes contain classified information. After I test the software I write a inside rapport as well as a outside rapport that can be publicised when the time is right. The outside articles I write on (Dutch website) a website where I'm partly the owner of. This website is a platform acknowledged by Honor Netherlands.